Number Client
1 Omrane Manabe'e AAb Company
2 Iranbon Consulting Engineers
3 Khuzestan Province Agricultural Bank
4 Organization of schools renovation of Khuzestan province
5 Ahvaz Islamic Azad University
6 Kohkilooyeh Boyer Ahmad Province regional Water Organization
7 Iran Rural Building Society
8 Abadan Municipality
9 Iran Fishery Department
10 rural water and waste water organization
11 Haftgel Agriculture of Jahad office
12 Khuzestan Province Rural Water and Waste Water Company
13 Shushtar Housing Cooperative Companies Association
14 Ramhormoz Azad University
15 Country Soil and Water Engineering Services Company
16 Ilam province rural water and waste water company
17 Islamic Azad University
18 Shushtar municipality
19 Sousangerd municipality
20 Iran Tourism Development Company
21  Karoon coast Development Company
22 Advanced researches company
23 Khuzestan Engineering Disciplinary organization
24 Shushtar Housing Cooperative Association
25 Ilam rural Water and Waste water Company
26 Khuzestan clans affair organization
27 Behbahan Cement Factory
28  Imam Khomeini Harbour Municipality
29 National Organization of Land and House
30 Khuzestan Province Payam Noor University
31 Baghmalek Municipality
32 Faraz Rah Pooya Company
33 Dorna Dan Company
34 Mahziyar flour company
35 Sokna Counsulting engineers
36 South – east water engineering company
37 Karkhe –Shavoor irrigation network exploit company
38 Panah Saz Iran Company
39 Masjed soleiman mehr housing
40 Gostaresh Shargh Rah counselor engineering company
41 Technic company
42 Pars relation system colleagues company
43 Mahan Water and Soil Counselor Engineers
44 Sahel Karoon Development Company
45 Parijeh Parsa Counsellor Engineers
46 Sakhtar Farda Company
47 Gard Asia company
48 Ramhormoz Ard Dena Company




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