Introduction of company :
BanianPey geotechnical consulting engineering company is the first specialized private company in the field of geotechnic and strength of materials in Khuzestan province which is established in 1993 and this company has grade 2 form current plan and budget organization and has started its activities. 
So far this company could have significant activities in this province and Iran with assembling native expert man power and is well equipped for a central laboratory in Ahvaz and using drilling machinery and dependent equipment and establishing central spare warehouse and machinery garage.
further, BanianPey company is a member of Iran geotechnical association (dependent to international geotechnical association) , Iran consulting engineers society (dependent to FIDIC) and Iran concrete association, and have derived ISO 9001-2008 certificate.
With using variant rotational and impulse drilling  plants with soil mechanic, stone, concrete, cement, asphalt  laboratories and soil and water chemistry laboratories, BanianPey company  is ready to accomplish geotechnical services which are as follow:
  • Drilling and injection operations in dam workshops.  
  • Preparation, mobilization, activation of strength material laboratories in dam workshops and other projects.
  • Boring and cross country tests in water and land.
  • Geotechnical feasibility studies.
  • Design and analysis of foundation.
  • Preparation of geotechnical reports (engineering geology, general geology, foundation and soil mechanic engineering services) in different stages from knowledge stage to control stage during executing for different plans such as Hydraulic structures like dams, diversion tunnels, drainage gallery, bridge and abutments.
  • Recognizing and sampling from mines and stock sources and determining materials high-grade ranking and estimating stock sources volume for presenting of different plans for concrete, asphalt, soil operations and controlling of operation execution.
  • Path recognition studies and geotechnical researches for linear projects such as force transfer, water, drainage and irrigation systems, water distribution  network and urban sewage and dependent installations, road building plans, preparation plans, industrial park and satellite.
  • Boring and foundation and soil mechanic engineering services, all technical structures, dams, silos, terminals and airports, factories, warehouses, official buildings and residential complex and instructional, medical and service complex.
  • Deployment of material strength laboratories (soil, concrete, asphalt,….) for all aforementioned plans.
  • Designing and executing of particular geotechnical projects such as:
  • Decreasing ground water level with different methods in excavation which can be a substitution for using sheet pile.
  • Consideration and presentation of suitable solutions for foundation construction of water structures in divergent chalky problematic soil.
  • Pile and micro-pile designing 
  • Soil nailing
  • Soil consolidation with using Admixtures
  • Dynamic compaction
  • Explosive compaction
  • Stone Columns
  • Gravel drains
  • deep Soil mixing
  • Vibro-compaction






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