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BanianPey Geotechnical Consulting Engineering is the first geotechnical private employee owned company in Khuzestan Province of Iran started in 1993. BanianPey has been performing significant projects in dams, highways and roads, irrigation systems, and other infrastructures. BanianPey is committed to


a.       Reduce and eliminate Geotechnical risks and their context for whole project

b.      Deliver Health, safety and sustainability in geotechnical engineering

The company provides technical excellence and innovative solutions to private and public clients. We are a member of Iranian Geotechnical Association (member of International Geotechnical Society), Iranian society of Consulting Engineers (member of FIDIC), and Iranian Concrete Association. We also have derived ISO 9001-2008 certificate




BanianPey is equipped with a central laboratory in Ahvaz City, drilling rigs, and temporary field labs to provide the following services


   Preparation of geotechnical reports (soil mechanics engineering services and Engineering geology) from preliminary studies to construction stages

  Geotechnical feasibility studies

  Drilling and Slurry injection operations for dams and other structures

Site explorations including drilling and cone penetration tests

  Preparation, mobilization and activation of strength of material laboratories : soil, concrete, asphalt, and steel bars

  Field investigations in water and land

  Analysis and design of foundations

 Exploration, quality determination, and volume estimation of borrow materials

Embankment and excavation slope stability evaluations

Excavation, shoring, and dewatering recommendations

Soil improvement recommendations

Settlement analysis and monitoring

Evaluation of soil bearing capacity

Pile driveability and capacity analyses

  Micro-pile design

 Liquefaction potential studies

Stability analyses of slopes, channels and excavations

Pile capacity curves

Cantilevered, anchored, and braced sheet pile analyses

Retaining and flood walls analyses

Seepage analyses

  Foundations on problematic soils such as soft clay, collapsible or swelling soils, or gypsum soils

  Soil nailing

  Site dewatering

  Dynamic compaction

  Explosive compaction

  Stone columns

  Gravel drains

  Deep Soil Mixing



Local lab to control the earthwork, concrete and asphalt Project


Material Testing



Classification Tests

Compaction Tests

  In-Place Density Testing

      Fill Control


Aggregate Tests

    Mix Design

   Cylinder and Beam Tests

  Placement Inspection

  Batch Plant Inspection

  Coring and Testing



  Mix Design

Aggregate Tests
 Placement Inspections
Marshall Strength
Plant Inspection


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